Careers in computer programming and development help computers transform data into user-friendly tools and information.

Computers speak their own language of zeros and ones, using complex algorithms to process data. Programming and development workers help turn that data into programs that solve problems and provide users with helpful tools. Careers range from software engineers to video game designers and web developers. Workers need to combine their technical knowledge with creativity.

A career in programming and development might fit you well if you:
•Enjoy using data and numbers to create practical tools.
•Have an aptitude for technical languages and jargon.
•Like solving problems that require detailed analysis and precise implementation.
•Can work both on a team and independently.

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CAREER at IT industry:::

Below is short listing of different computer related jobs in the industry. This list was created for users who enjoy computers but are uncertain about what field to enter. In the below list we have described each of the jobs, the requirements, and recommendations what to do if you are interested in the job.
•3D Animation or Graphic design •Customer service •Data Entry
•Database •Engineer •Hardware
•Networking or System Administrator •Programmer or Software developer •Quality Assurance (QA), System analyst or Tester
•Repair and fix •Sales •Technical Support (Technician or Help Desk)
•Security expert •Webmaster or Web Designer  

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